This section features "bits of Legionnaire business" that may be of interest to fans.


The so-called 2995 LEGION SOURCEBOOK was indispensable reading for fans of the 5YL saga.
    But did you know that several pages of material were not included for lack of space? Some entire Legion-member entries were omitted by the editors, including information on Storm Boy and Nightwind.
   Read the missing pages here.


Sure, you read SECRET ORIGINS 46 and thought that the original rocket-shaped Legion Clubhouse was actually Fortress Lad frozen into this form after sacrificing his life *choke*.
   But writer G Jones had also crafted a different origin story for the Clubhouse, which was never published.
   See the pages here.


Forget the plastic toys with multiple points of articulation. Once you've seen Mike Madrid's models, nothing else compares!


And they call it puppy love! Click here to find out more about the canine version of the Legion and its various forms.


Check out the entries for this Legion competition, in which aspiring artists had to draw sample pages from a given script.


Mash-ups, mixes, mayhem and mirth!
Here are some creative Legion-inspired comic book covers.


Did you ever want to check up on a Legionnaire's birthday? You can do so here, and also find lots of other significant dates with a Legion twist.


The Legion and the Amazonian team up against Aquaman! Outrageous? Would you buy the comic? See here.