Karate KidØ Who are you?

For the moment, I employ a secret identity. I go by the superhero name of Legion Lad.
   I am responsible for the Facebook site BITS OF LEGIONNAIRE BUSINESS, which was my first attempt at archiving the Legion. The other FB site I created was THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES TRADING POST, which encourages fans to buy, sell or trade their Legion-related goods.

Ø What’s your experience with the Legion?

I’ve been collecting the Legion right from the very first issue, and like it was for many fans, the very nifty concept of the group proved to be its main allure.
   For many decades, I set out to acquire every Legion-related issue and piece of merchandise I could find, amassing a large collection that today occupies a couple of rooms.
   In the 70s, I joined the popular Legion Amateur Press Alliance group INTERLAC, which budded from the fanzine THE LEGION OUTPOST, and whose roster contained many of the fans who were responsible for persuading DC to bring back the Legion after it had been removed from ADVENTURE COMICS.

Ø Why compile these indexes?

Perhaps it’s to satisfy my completist needs, suffused with a hint of OCD.
   But I really wanted to share my lists with fellow Legion fans. There has NEVER been a complete listing of Legion-related publications (and merchandise), despite what the compilers of existing guides may claim. I have seen them all: on various websites, on forums, in chat groups, as hard copies. The indexes on this site include many items absent from those inventories.
   The other notable aspect of my lists is that they are pictorial. JUST CLICK ON EACH ITEM AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SEE AN IMAGE OF IT. Fans can see for themselves why an issue or item is considered Legion-related, and make up their own minds if it’s worth adding to their collection.
   This differs from the content of many other indexes, which merely cite an item without explaining why.

Ø How comprehensive are the lists?

They are extremely comprehensive.
   My indexes include issues with: cameos of Legionnaires and related characters; mere mentions of or references to them; appearances of alien races and alien worlds with Legion connections; Legion artifacts, such as flight rings, time bubbles and equipment; and homages to the Legion.
   As well, all comic magazine articles about the Legion are featured, plus other publications such as convention souvenir programs, promotional newsletters, and sundry coffee-table books.
   Every bit of Legion-related merchandise, including trading cards and action figures, has been photographed or scanned.

Ø Do you own everything listed?

Close to 99 per cent of everything here has been scanned from my private collection, so I can vouch for their existence.
   The exception is the GALLERY section, which is a selection of Legion-related sketches and drawings compiled over the years.

Ø The publications are listed in chronological order within each year. Wouldn't it be better to have them in alphabetical sequence?

Would it really though? It's obvious that sorting by date gives a clear indication of when each publication came out through the years.
   Alphabetical sequencing is only useful if you know the name of the item you are looking for.
   But if you need it, every index does come with an alphabetical listing in downloadable spreadsheet form.

Ø Is there a search bar?

It's on the home page, right on the top. You can also just go to each individual index and execute a find command: Ctrl+F (on Windows PC, Chromebook, or Linux system), or Command+F (on a Mac).

Ø How will I know if a section has been updated, so I don't have to go go through all the items to check for new entries?

Items are scanned on a frequent basis and every time an addition is made to a section, there will be a notification on the homepage (which will remain for about a week).

Ø I noticed an omission from your lists/I noticed a mistake/I noticed a broken or erroneous link.

With a project of such magnitude, I envisage some errors, but hopefully not too many, as the entries are meticulously checked.
   If you wish to contact me regarding corrections or additions, please feel free to contact me HERE.
   If I use your contribution, you will be acknowledged!

Ø Can you cross-link to other Legion pages?

I am happy to do so. Give me your details!