If you’ve ever been to a comic con, chances are you picked up one of several Legion pin-back buttons that were often distributed as promotional items. There was even a pin for the spin-off L.E.G.I.O.N. book in 1989.



The most coveted Legion pin of all was a cloisonné pin issued to retailers for every 100 issues of LEGIONNAIRES 1 that they sold, back in 1993. The lapel pin came in a plastic bag and featured a military clutch design on its back. These are extremely difficult to find today.


In 1991, DC Comics turned to the fans to suggest new titles for publication. During the summer convention season, they ran a ballot of 20 characters to choose from, with the two highest vote-getters moving on to their own titles.
   As recounted by editor Michael Eury in one of his INSIDE DC columns, the contest was dubbed the "Legion of Substitute Editors", and buttons were given out to fans to promote this event, using the Legion of Super Heroes font of the time. The list included Adam Strange, The Creeper, Cyborg, Fire andIce, Flex Mentallo, Gorilla Grodd, Nightshade, and of interest to Legion fans, Valor, who received iss own title in 1992.
   After more than 2000 votes were counted, the winner was Death, from the Sandman series, followed by Martian Manhunter.




FANSETS, a company dedicated to producing high quality, licensed enamel pins, is in the process of releasing as many Legionnaires as possible. So far these are the characters that have been made available. The images will get updated with each new release.
   ØThe company was later renamed Pin Force.



DC Comics released a set of pins for the 2021 SUICIDE SQUAD movie. Included among them, of course, was a pin for TDK, the character inspired by Arm-Fall-Off Boy.