As is to be expected, the big news is the Legion’s return to its exclusive own magazine.
   Murray Boltinoff on editing the revival of the Legion in Superboy
   Cary Bates interviewed by Mike Valerio
   For The Record (column) by Harry Broertjes
   The Gab Corner, by Mike Flynn
   Update, by Jay Zilber
   Legion fact file on Universo, by Brad Petzke
   Keep Duo Damsel!, by Kari Smartt
   The Time Paradox Syndrome, by Jay Zilber
   Romance in the Legion, by Rich Morrissey
   Legion Proficiency Requirements, by Margie Jo Spears
   Various pieces of fan fiction by the likes of Mike Flynn, Harry Broertjes, Carol Strickland and Jim Balko
   Back page by Mercy Van Vlack