OSTENSIBLY a baseball and generally sports-themed card manufacturer, the TOPPS company also sidetracked into non-sporting fields.
   In 1966, it released its innovative Comic Book Foldees series, a set of 44 cards which came in the form of foldable triptychs.
   By flipping and folding the perforated components of each card, the user could mix and match various characters and create up to nine oddball new ones.
   Although the set included many comic book heroes – hence its name – it also included historical and sports figures. Card Number 16 features Saturn Girl drawn by the legendary Wally Wood, the only time he illustrated a Legion character.
   She is described as “The Legionnaire”, and shares her card with Pork Chops “The Pig”, and Ulysses S. Grant “The General”, thus rendering possible humorous manipulations such as Saturn Girl “The Pig”, or Ulysses S. Grant “The Legionnaire”.


The components of the card (when folded out).


Some knee-slapping permutations possible.


Wally Wood's original art for the card.