(UK, 1979)



LICENSED by DC Comics, the UK cereal company Weetabix ran a Superman promotion in 1979, its boxes adorned with various play scenes and cut-out models (a Kryptonian flyer, and Kal-El’s rocket). The inside of the packs featured six different “picture puzzlers” (which you could only get to if you tore the box open).
   Hidden in the actual cereal were various cards, issued in strips of three or six, depending on the size of the pack. Altogether there were 18 different cards.


   These were stand-up cards meant to be used by kids to stick into slots on various adventure settings printed on the Weetabix boxes. The cards featured the character and name on one side, and profile on the reverse. The Superman set comprised an odd assortment, including four from the Legion stories of the time, and even gave a name for the head of the Resource Raiders (“The Brain”).


Some of the picture puzzlers.

   There were four different scenes to play against: Kryptonopolis, Scarlet Forest, Fortress of Solitude, and the Town of Kan. Three of the random “picture puzzlers” on the inside of the boxes featured Worldsmith, a Resource Raider and afore-mentioned The Brain.
   Because the cards were inserted inside the boxes, they’re much easier to find today than the cut-outs and the puzzles, which were part of the boxes and more often than not discarded once they were emptied.



A full-page advertisement in a magazine.



(various years)

HERE'S an assortment of South American trading cards with Legion characters.