THE set celebrated some of the most significant DC Comics crossover events — Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, Blackest Night, Panic In The Sky, etc — printed on so-called Cryptomium cardstock. Base cards featured original art by some of the top artists in the industry and there were three chase sets, sketch cards inserted 1:20 packs, and cards featuring "costumes" for some of the leading characters. With Legionnaires participating in so many of those epics in the comics, it's a disappointment that only Lar Gand appeared in an official card, and even then he could barely be made out. There were more Legionnaires featured in the sketch cards.


017: PANIC IN THE SKY (Lar Gand on the left)


A selection of sketch cards by the likes of
Benjamin Glendinning, Hanie Mohd and Jason Crosby.