THESE were a range of beautifully-made models released in the DC DIRECT line over a number of years, which were sadly discontinued before more Legionnaires could be produced.


The first three in the set, released in 2001, were the founders, and all came with a flight ring and a flight ring. There were also neat individual accessories: Saturn Girl had a Saturn-shaped base to stand on, Lightning Lad had a detachable robot arm, and Cosmic Boy had cool iron balls that could stick to magnets on his palms.


The next two in the series to be released were Mon-El and Brainiac 5, released in 2002. There were no accessories.


In that same year, DC Direct also issued a model of Mordru.


A fabulous foursome of Ultra Boy, Star Boy, Chameleon Boy and Sun Boy were next off the rank in 2003. Still no females.


In early 2004 came two popular Legionnaires: Timberwolf (sic) and Ferro Lad. they were followed later in the year by invisible Kid and Colossal Boy, the last in the series.