COLLATERAL DAMAGE featured some of the most detailed sculpts in the HeroClix line at the time. The Legion figures are Shadow Lass/Umbra and Emerald Empress, with the latter also represented as an LE collectible as the Emerald Eye of Ekron. There’s a figure for Kypto, should you wish to consider him as part of a Super-Pets collection.
   There was also a collector’s set within the series called Giants, featuring over-sized HeroClix models.    Appropriately, the Legion-related characters were Colossal Boy and Validus. Strictly speaking though, the figure is of Micro Lad from the threeboot. If you’re a completist, you’ll probably want to own the two different versions of Gim: the common one with a gold/bronze ring on the dial, and a promotional one which had a purple ring.

034, 036: Shadow Lass; 035: Umbra


061-063: Emerald Empress; 209: Emerald Eye of Ekron


217: Krypto


G002: Validus


G003: Colossal Boy (gold and purple rings)