With Legion fans’ appetite whetted by the 2011 SUPERMAN release, they got a full smorgasbord with this series, which consisted of more Legionnaires than ever, but with some odd side dishes thrown in (such as Solomon Grundy, Toyman, Big Barda and Takion). By now the figures were getting more intricate in detail and all the characters were beautifully sculpted.
   If you managed to get the whole set, you’d own Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lord, Saturn Girl, Mon-El, Triplicate Girl, Shrinking Violet, Phantom Girl, Polar Boy, Sensor Girl, Tyroc, Timber Wolf, Ultra Boy, Blok, Wildfire, Gates, Dawnstar, Chameleon Girl, Colossal Boy, Shadow Lass, Glorith, Superboy (with Legion symbol on belt), White Witch, Black Witch, and Tellus.
Related characters were a Science Police Officer and a Daxamite, while representing the villains were a Blight member, the Fatal Five members, an exquisite Computo, Universo, and Darkseid and his servants of darkness.
   A handful of common Legionnaires were also made available as part of the gravity feed releases, with the only difference being numbers assigned to each character. If you are truly completist, you will probably want to collect both versions.
   There was an organized play (OP) set which included a map of Legion HQ to play the game on, which also came with an oversized figure of Mordru and a flight ring token.

***NOTE: All the characters in this set, including those not affiliated with the Legion in any way, were all mounted on dials which bore the logo for this series: a belt with the Legion symbol. These characters are not shown.*** .


001: Cosmic Boy


002: Saturn Girl

003: Lightning Lad


004: Science Police Officer


005a: Daxamite; 005b: Mon-El


006: Triplicate Girl


007: Shrinking Violet


008: Phantom Girl


009: Blight

010: Polar Boy


011: Sensor Girl

012: Tyroc


015: Timber Wolf

018: Ultra-Boy (sic)


020: Blok


021: Wildfire


022: Gates


025: Mano


029: Tharok


030: Dawnstar


031: Chameleon Girl


032: Colossal Boy (threeboot)


035: Shadow Lass


036: Glorith


040: Emerald Empress


041: Universo


044: Darkseid


045: Computo


046: Superboy


047a: White Witch; 047b: Black Witch


048: Tellus


054: Persuader


055: Validus


056: Mordru



057: Lydea Mallor (dark servant)


058: Kalibak (dark servant)


059: Guardian (dark servant)


060: Orion (dark servant)


061: Superman (dark servant)


101: Mordru


102: Mon-El (as GL)


103: Shrinking Violet (dial only)


S101: Legion flight ring token


The Triplicate Girl bystander token


The mat for organized play.