TO date, only two Legionnaires have had the Lego treatment: Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy (but fans may wish to include the many Lego Superboy and Supergirl figures).



Lightning Lad first appeared in a boxed minifigure set in 2015, along with three other non-Legion characters (Sir Fangar, Kai Stone Armour, and City Scuba Diver). The figure has a dual-sided head with different facial expressions. Strangely, it did not come with any Lego lightning bolt parts, which are common accessories.


Cosmic Boy was first issued as a bonus giveaway with initial copies of the Blu-ray/DVD release of the animated movie JUSTICE LEAGUE: COSMIC CLASH (2016), which featured Lego versions of the three Legion founders. It has since been made available in standalone polybags.
    The figure has a dual-sided head with different facial expressions, and two detachable discs which simulate the character's magnetic fields.




MANY Legion fans have bought custom-made Lego versions of their favorite Legionnaires. Some are really well-done, others not so.
    The photo below shows an MOC (My Own Creation) Legion clubhouse made out of genuine parts, surrounded by a couple of authentic Lego characters and various bootlegs. This site does not condone purchase of the counterfeit characters.