What more can be said about the late and great Dave Cockrum? He single-handedly revitalized the Legion in the early 70s with his innovative costume designs, then after leaving DC for Marvel, did the same for a certain band of mutants.

LEFT: Dave created The Outsiders as a supporting group for the Legion, consisting of Typhoon, Quetzal, Nightcrawler, Reflecto, Power Boy and Trio. Quetzal and Trio were developed into Storm of the Uncanny X-Men, while Nightcrawler, of course, was used unchanged in that team. Power Boy and Reflecto were inspired by the Adult Legion story.

RIGHT: Dave also created a group of villains named The Strangers, comprising Belladonna, Sidewinder, Manta, Tyr and Wolverine. Tyr was used as a villain for the Legion, while the Wolverine character became Fang of the Imperial Guard.


Dave's design for Quetzal, originally named Flamingo. Elements of her appearance were used in the Storm character of the Uncanny X-Men.

Dave's designs for Trio,who hails from Duo Damsel's home world of Cargg. Note the three different names of each split body and the tri-colored belt buckle.


Dave's designs for weather manipulator Typhoon.

A mash-up of some of Dave's Legion art.

Dave's sample pages he submitted to DC, which helped land him the Legion gig.