Featured below are Legion-related sketches by some legendary artists!

Art Adams

Bill Sienkiewicz and Kevin Nowlan

Bob McLeod

Dick Giordano

Curt Swan

Curt Swan and Steve Lightle

Ernie Chua

Gary Frank

George Perez

George Tuska

Keith Giffen

Greg Hildebrandt

Greg Larocque

Greg Larocque

Herb Trimpe

Greg Larocque

James Sherman
Jeff Moy
Jerry Ordway

Jerry Bingham

Joe Rubinstein

John Byrne (click to enlarge). That's British space hero Dan Dare at bottom right with his aide Digby.

John Byrne

John Romita JR, Jerry Ordway, Terry Austin

Matt Wagner

Michael T Gilbert

Mike Netzer

Rich Buckler

Pat Broderick

Paul Gulacy

Paul Ryan

Ramona Fradon

Rob Liefeld
Steve Lightle
Steve Rude

Terry Shoemaker

Ty Templeton