This page contains a selection of art pieces done of the Legion of Super-Pets. Note there are five basic members: Krypto, Steaky, Beppo, Comet and Proty. Most other pets are usually lumped in a League of Super-Pets, which has no Legion connection.


Bob McLeod


Karl Kesel


Dick Giordano and Joe Staton


Val Semeiks

June Brigman and Luke Ross


Craig Cermak


Amanda Conner


Andy Runton


Elizabeth Torque


Adam Hughes


Chrissie Zullo


David Macadoo


Gerry McKee III and Pablo Marcos


Doug Ceccarelli


Drew Johnson and ELF


Mike Leeke


Ramona Fradon


Mike Leeke


Trevor von Eeden


David Macadoo


Jim Mooney


Zach Howard and Leonard Kirk


Jesse Rubenfeld


Stephanie Lantry and Ronn Sutton


Ian Richardson

Joseph Michael Linsner


Mark Heinke


Michael Netzer


Berni Wrightson

Galen Showman


Rafael Kayanan


Greg Kirkpatrick


Georges Jeanty


CP Wilson III


Sergio Aragones and Eric Wolfe Hanson


David Macadoo


Thom Zahler


Jacob Chabot


Sean Stannard


Jill Thompson


Ian Richardson


Jesse Rubenfeld


Alex Reigel


Chris Schweizer


Gabriel Dunston and Jenny Parks