The regular line-up and their Legion analogs (if applicable):
Flashfire/Tempest (Granzz): Lightning Lad analog
Gladiator (Kallark): Superboy analog
Smasher (Vril Rokk): Ultra Boy analog
Starbolt/Bolt: Sun Boy analog
Scintilla/Midget: Shrinking Violet analog
Pulsar/Inpulse: Wildfire analog
Fang: Timber Wolf analog
Oracle: Saturn Girl analog
Mentor: Brainiac 5 analog
Neutron/Quasar: Star Boy analog
Titan: Colossal Boy analog
Electron: Cosmic Boy analog
Astra: Phantom Girl analog
Nightside/Nightshade: Shadow Lass analog
Hobgoblin/Shapeshifter: Chameleon Boy analog
Magique/Magic: Princess Projectra/White Witch analog
Manta: No apparent analog (but powers may be similar to Quantum Queen)
Warstar: Possible Tharok/Validus analog
Earthquake: No apparent analog (Quake Kid?)
Hussar: Possible Tyr analog