COMIC book industry website Comic Book Resources used to run a Comic Book Idol competition, in which amateur artists could vie for the crown by producing comic book pages based on submitted scripts.
    Like the Idol format, each week there would be a different round, and entrants would progress based on the votes of the readers. In 2007, the third round featured a script by Legion artist Francis Manapul.

    Page 3: The boy trips hitting the ground face first. As he recovers, a boot steps in front him. He looks up to see whose boot this is. A hand reaches down to help him get up. The reveal: it's Saturn Girl. She helps him to his feet. He's relieved to see her. But wait! He looks behind her and goes bug-eyed …
    Page 4: Splash. The bigger reveal: she is accompanied by various members of the Legion. Put in who you want. I'm leaving it up to you, but I want to see a cool shot of them looking up at the machines and looking ready for a big fight.

    Pictured below are the entries for the four finalists: Charles Paul Wilson III, Dan McDaid, Jon Reed and Caio Oliveira. Which is your pick? The winner is revealed at the bottom of the page.


Entry by Caio Oliviera.


Entry by Jon Reed.


Entry by Dan McDaid.


Entry by Charles Paul Wilson.




The winner was Jon Reed, Charles the runner-up.