The three songs listed below were written specifically with Legionnaires in mind. There are many other songs with titles that could be linked to the Legion — for example, mentioning dream girls, supergirls, witchy women or phantom girls — but they have nothing to do with the group.
      And there's one honorable mention at the bottom.



Lyrics and music copyright GUIDED BY VOICES

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"He constructed a factory
Just because he was hungry
Just to see how it tasted
Bicycle wheel in a brat's brain

He's Matter Eater Lad
Yeah he's mad
He's Matter Eater Lad

First he started on furniture
Then he moved on to parking lots
Now he's eating Ansonia
Now he's eating Andromeda
He's Matter Eater Lad."




Lyrics and music copyright YOYODYNE

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"Matter-Eater Lad, was finally glad,
After shedding that 13 pounds
And Duo Damsel, was getting hard to handle,
making the banquet table rounds

She'd been in quite a whirl, since she'd been Triplicate Girl,
and she needed a brand new toy
So she loaded up her dad, and everything she had,
she kicked her hips at Ultra Boy and Lightning Lad

As Fire Boy's breath, was breathing down her neck,
she seemed so cautious and coy,
at the wedding of Bouncing Boy

Chemical King, was passing round a ring,
and Phantom Girl took a dose
She couldn't really vanish, so she started speaking Spanish,
as she phased right through the wall to make a toast

She'd been lost since she got rid, of the Invisible Kid
and she had an eye for other Legion boys
But Duo Damsel seemed , to be living out her dreams,
She was two babes alive, flirting with Brainiac Five
the Rabbi had to laugh, as she split herself in half
to dance with Chameleon Boy,
at the wedding of Bouncing Boy

In came Kid Flash, complaining 'bout a rash
he'd picked up vibrating round the world
And we all had to wonder, why he wasn't six feet under
after stealing Superboy's girl
But the Legion rules said, once that you were wed
you found another way to be employed

But they surely must have known, as super powers go
Bouncing round and splitting up were not that much to show
The things that they did, to the Chlorophyll Kid
All must have seemed like a ploy
at the wedding of Bouncing Boy."



Lyrics and music copyright MISINFORMED MANZERICK

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"Can you read my mind? Do you know what's going through my head?
I think that you could, I'm convinced that you can,

Every move I make, You counter, I fled
I am the prisoner of the girl from Titan

When I look at you, you know exactly what I'm thinking
IMRA ARDEEN, please leave me be

Garth Ranzz, Rokk Krinn, it feels like I'm sinking
There's nothing that Saturn Girl's mind cannot see

Your pink outfit taunts me, the globe on your chest
Your long blonde hair is burning my eyes

Send out your pulse waves, you know you're the best
You are the girl all us villains despise

And I am one of them, but my power is weak
I possess the capability to do flips and fly

I have super-hearing, but not super-strength
And I have been known to shoot flames out my eye

But I'm no match for you and your legion of heroes
IMRA ARDEEN, please leave me be

Chameleon, Element Lad, they are all zeroes
I can beat them, but Saturn Girl can beat me

What's inside your utility belt?
I like your headquarters, could you give me a tour?

My powers aren't special, I'm no Ultra Boy
And I'm from the 20th century, do you find me a bore?"





There's nothing in the lyrics about the Legion. The song merely drops names of famous people throughout. But the artists — "the world's most talented musical group" — obviously derived the name from the proper Legion.