ZERO Hour was done with the best of intentions, aiming to clear up various inconsistencies caused by the landmark Crisis on Infinite Earths. It promised to consolidate the scrambled future timelines of the DC Universe into a new unity.
  As a result of the event, the Legion was forced to undergo a restart after Superboy and Supergirl were eliminated from DC continuity, with Mon-El recast as Valor to take Superboy's place as the Legion's inspiration and most powerful member.
  Promotional materials issued for ZERO HOUR featured some members of the Legion. There were two separate posters issued for the event: one included Lightning Lad and Ultra Boy with his ponytail, the other showed Jo in his Emerald Dragon guise. Go figure.

  As well, promotional advertisements for ZERO HOUR were produced, which included Legionnaires.
    The image with Andromeda and Vril Dox was also used on the face of a ZERO HOUR clock.


Retailers were also given a ZERO HOUR brochure, which featured a countdown of events, leading to a smaller version of the Emerald Dragon poster.