THE poster promised to applicants for the failed DC SUPER STARS SOCIETY was gorgeously drawn by Jose Garcia-Lopez and inked by Dick Giordano, and featured a number of Legionnaires among the characters shown: Chameleon Boy, Mon-El, Ultra Boy, Cosmic Boy, Wildfire, Phantom Girl, Dawnstar, Sun Boy and Karate Kid.
    Two years after the DC Implosion, after a period of consolidation, DC felt on safe enough ground to launch a similar project: the Superman Club, fashioned after the club of 1960, and offering pretty much the same items as for the Super Stars Society – this very same poster, a full color envelope, a gold foil charter member sticker, secret code, and membership certificate, among others.


    Note that the member's certificate and letter of membership states that the owner can be a member of other super hero chapters, including the Legion. Applicants received a card and certificate for each chapter, but no other merchandise or newsletters.