LEGION editor KC Carlson and artist Jeff Moy created a massive flowchart detailing the relationships connecting all the Legionnaires, which was done, according to Carlson, as much for the writers’ benefit as well a a general promotion.
   Carlson said “somebody in marketing - not a LSH fan” mentioned that it was impossible to understand the Legion without a "road map". “I countered with "or a flow chart”. We should do that for a poster!" he said.
  "Marketing thought that was a good idea. Tom McCraw was the real hero behind the scenes of that poster, as he not only colored it, but also did all the basic layout and design, occasionally hunkered down with LSH assistant Mike MacAvennie.
   “Since the poster was meant mainly for retail promotion, the original print run of this was not much more than the number of comic book stores at that time (probably less than 4000).
   “Most of them ended up with fans, rather than put up in the stores (failing the original intent of the posters), but there were just not enough for all the fans who wanted one,” he said. “I had suggested that DC do a retail version of the poster, due to the demand, but it was thought that the project wasn't that commercial enough. (And besides, it seemed like 4000 people had them already). I disagreed, but had no authority in that area.”
   The poster is bigger than the Giffen mega-character piece, and because of the limited numbers, copies today can fetch a handsome price. Click on the image to see a bigger version.
   A set of Legion stickers was issued at the same time, featuring the head shots on the flowchart, but the poster contains three members not depicted on the sheet: Leviathan, Kid Quantum I and Atom’x.