The first DC Comics calendar to appear outside of a comic book was released in 1976, with the cover and monthly spreads gloriously illustrated by Neal Adams and Dick Giordano, including the now-iconic Legion fly-by scene.
   Even more interesting was the calendar's citation of the birthdays of various DC heroes and supporting cast members, featuring all Legion members and the Subs, many of which had previously not been established. Miraculously, none of the characters ever shared a birthday.






The 1976 calendar sold well enough to convince DC to repeat the venture with a 1977 almanac, this time with the theme "Super-Heroes versus Super-Villains". It came inside an envelope that could be used to mail the item as a gift.
   While the cover was again drawn by Neal Adams, the interior art was spread out among DC's stable of artists. The Legion literally took center stage, with a Mike Grell depiction of the group battling the Fatal Five on top of the Statue of Liberty, an image reprised on the back of the calendar.







The calendar for 1978, again available in a mailing envelope, highlighted a year of Super-Spectacular Disasters. A mysterious villain plans "the total destruction of the earth and leads up to it with monthly menaces which tax the powers of the world's greatest super-heroes".
   With clues to the mastermind's identity provided, readers were directed to fill in a grid on the JLA computer screen to spell out the villain's name. Each month featured a battle scene which led up to the conclusion on the last pages of the calendar.
   Karate Kid and the Legion of Super-Heroes featured in December, taking on the Toyman at a New York department store, beautifully illustrated by Jim Sherman and Jack Abel.
   The dates for December are also wrapped around by a framework consisting of Legion members. The details for the month explain how some Legion members decide to spend an old-fashioned Christmas in the 20th century, arriving on December 16. They visit the home of Karate Kid (who was then living in 1978) on December 21, then battle the Toyman on December 23.