The first guide produced, with original wraparound cover.

THE DC Comics style guide served as a reference manual for artists to draw DC Comics characters, and also provided spec illustrations and color palette guidelines for licensing and merchandising purposes. First produced in 1982, these guides were issued every year until 1988, with content varying between guides.
    Altogether, there were more than 200 pages of illustrations produced, most of which were done by Jose Garcia-Lopez, but no single guide ever contained all the pages together.
    The guide featured a wraparound cover that included the three Legion founders on the back: the sole reason why it is considered a collectible by Legion fans, because the group is not featured in any of the interior pages. There is a page devoted to villains from the Super Powers title, which includes a shot of Tyr, but that’s as close as it gets to the Legion.
    The earliest binder came with a cover that simply stated "DC COMICS". Later editions would include the words "STYLE GUIDE" and add a Licensing Corporation of America (a division of Warner Bros) logo down the spine.


Subsequent editions of the guide came with this cover: the words STYLE GUIDE and also a Licensing Corporation logo have been added. On the back, Kid Flash has been replaced by Nightwing.


The model sheet for ther SUPER POWERS line, which includes Tyr.

A model sheet for Supergirl.